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Silk BiotinThicker, Stronger & Softer Hair

Silk Biotin is on its way to becoming the #1 product foe those wanting to strengthen, lengthen and soften their hair! The supplement is bursting with essential vitamins that help rejuvenate your hair to a healthy state. The complex uses a combination of biotin and vitamins to reduce breakage, increase strength, accelerate growth and nourish every stand for a silky smooth finish. Whether you have short, or long hair, curly or straight, this unique product will give you irresistible locks that you’ll feel confident in. Say goodbye to extensions and harsh styling products! With the help of this biotin complex, you’ll have gorgeous hair 24/7. This miracle treatment does more than just help you hair. Biotin also promotes nail and skin health, too! For a product that you can count on,order now.

When it comes to your hair, we know you crave a look that makes you feel confident. That’s why Silk Biotin was created. This unique supplement is bursting with hair, skin and nail nutrients to keep you looking and feeling your best. Do you suffer from hair loss? Is your hair thin with breakage? Have you over damaged your hair? With Silk Biotin Complex, now you can restore your hair back to health with just 1 pill a day! Don’t let the appearance of your hair give you low self esteem. Now you can easily grow, strengthen, soften and repair your hair no matter the damage. The formula contains quick release ingredients that allow users to see and feel results just after one week of use! Not convinced? Don’t take our word for it! Now for a limited time you are eligible for a free trial bottle. Sign up today!

How Silk Biotin Complex Works

Say goodbye to expensive shampoos, hair extensions and expensive surgeries. With Silk Biotin, all you need is to take one pill a day. The quick release formula is composed of clinically proven vitamins, nutrients and a biotin complex that helps restore hair back to health. These benefits include boosting strength, length, texture, removal of split ends, reduction of breakage and helps emit a healthy shine. The complex is designed to help users not only grow their hair to longer lengths, but to help it return back to health, too! Vitamins are released that stimulate hair follicle growth and slows hair loss. In the telogen resting phase, biotin helps nourish your hair shafts for softer and shinier hair. The added bonus to the addition of biotin is that it helps improve you nails and skin as well! With clinically proven ingredients, you can be sure that you’re getting real results.

  • Made From A Biotin Complex
  • Strengthens & Lengthens Your Hair
  • Improves Overall Health & Quality In Every Strand
  • Softens & Nourishes Hair Follicles
  • Reduces Breakage & Split Ends
  • Prevents Against Hair Loss
  • Accelerates Hair Growth
  • Bursting With Hair, Skin & Nail Essential Vitamins

Silk Biotin Active Ingredients

The Silk Biotin formula is where all the magic happens. The formula is composed of 100% natural ingredients along with essential vitamins and minerals that work with all hair types to improve the overall health of the hair. Simply taking one pill a day will give you the results you’re looking for. results can be seen in as little as 1 week. Continue taking one pill a day until desired results are acquired. Form more information on the active ingredients, see the ordering page.

Biotin – Main ingredient. Increases hair follicle strength to reduce thinning & breakage and helps to accelerate hair growth. Also great for improving the health of your nails and skin

Niacin – Produces vitamin B and increases nutrient circulation throughout the scalp

Vitamin E – Known to help repair damage, boost follicle growth and soften rough & damaged textures

Vitamin C & A – Antioxidants that help support natural oil release for softer, natural looking hair

Silk Biotin Free Trial Bottle

Still unsure whether Silk Biotin is for you? That’s okay! Now until supplies last, a free trial is available to all first time users. Your satisfaction is important and as a customer we want you to feel confident when you purchase this supplement. To order your free trial, start by clicking on a free trial button. From there you will be asked to fill out your shipping information. Accept the free trial and read the terms and conditions link for additional questions on costs and trial period. For beautiful hair, skin and nails, order your free trial now!

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